The Beginning

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna to get.” Forrest Gump’s mama definitely said a mouth full when she gave this advice to her son. Life is full of surprises; however, it is how you deal with those surprises is what determines success. The journey offers many opportunities in life, relationships, education or careers. Whether the experiences are viewed good or bad we can always learn from the experiences. Establishing a solid road map as a guideline helps one deal with life’s uncertainties better.


Through My eyes

I have had many daily obstacles in my life to overcome. Through it all, God has kept me and armed me to able to overcome each obstacle with eccentric finesse. My experiences with the spiritual, natural, and man-made relationships of the world have shaped me as a river going through the valleys of the Earth. He allows all of us to learn from the occurrences as we begin from youth, reach maturity and then maturity plus.

The journey makes us better in time and allows for us to focus on the ultimate goals in our lives. With meditation and prayer, God’s ‘voice’ leads us through the daily paths that He has long written for us. Just listen to all sounds being emitted through the air, observe the surroundings, meditate on His word and acknowledge that He uses other vessels to deliver messages to us. Through it all, God instills confidence and motivation inside of our souls. It is up to us to capture the qualities, nestle each one and release them when and where necessary defeating any obstacle that is standing in our way. Although the passage is not gratis of obstacles in all forms, shapes, and sizes, along the way we gather what is needed through Him to survive.

The journey of David is the best example of my entry of thoughts. Despite David’s obvious challenges and the under encouragement of man in facing Goliath, he eventually knew that he had God and God was going to give him the wit and strength he needed to defeat his giant obstacle. Through faith David picked up one stone out of five smoothed stones he had laid upon the ground and nestled it into his sling. David was motivated to build up speed as he wound his arm and knowing enough of God’s word that everything would be alright, he released the stone. I often ponder over the significance of five stones; I am not certain but I think of the progression of faith. It is my interpertation that on his own thought David wanted to be prepared so he brought along four other stones. However, he later realized that he did not need those other stones, he had faith in God!

As my thoughts flow daily I have been led by His voice to allow others to grow through my visual thoughts. There is more to come; however, in the meantime…

Peace and Many Blessings